See My Insomnia

With Deutsch NY

A visualizer to help people see your insomnia.

Insomnia can affect anyone for a variety of reasons. The challenge, it turns out, is articulating to friends, loved ones, and physicians how insomnia affects someone personally. Everyone feels the symptoms and effects differently, so Deutsch NY worked with Dayvigo to build a tool to help people visualize their insomnia. The experience consists of a series of questions to help people specify their individual experience with insomnia, After answering the questions, the user is given a customized video that illustrates their battle with insomnia to share with friends and family.

I led the technical execution of this project, as well as hands-on development and integration with our video rendering partner, Imposium. In additional to development tasks, I was able to help out with the editing and export of some of the dynamic clips, and helped with the overall structure of the dynamic video and technical flow.

The website was build as a VueJS application, and built to be fully responsive across all viewport sizes. We used subtle animations for transitions to smooth out the journey through all of the questions.

In addition to technical architecture, I worked with the creative team to establish documentation to communicate the logic of the what videos and copy will appear where to the client and our video rendering partner.

Once the video is rendered, the video creator could share it via email or social media, as well as download the video file to share via other platforms.


  • Interactive Video,
  • Responsive Web,
  • Technical Direction,
  • Video Editing