A patented product platform to help people create a new kind of photo mosaic.

MosaicStudio is a powerful and versatile way for photographers and hobbyists to create stunning photo mosaics. MosaicStudio is a brand new approach to photo mosaic software. Originally geared toward professional photographers, MosaicStudio allows complete creative control over all aspects of a mosaic, and does not rely on complex color matching algorithms. The result is a much more organic looking composition.

This project was my first journey into product development. After coming up with the original concept and prototype, I began to build out the full platform which included a user account system, e-commerce, and global print fulfillment. Throughout this entire process, I was also working the business side of things, filing for my first US Patent, and planning the marketing approach.

MosaicStudio was build for web and desktop to take advantage of more computing power and large image viewing.

The website was the hub to inform people about the project and direct them to sign up.

Users can choose their main image and tile images from their hard drive, Facebook, and Instagram.

MosaicStudio puts several image adjustment features and the fingertips and professionals and hobbyists alike. These controls show instant results, unlike other mosaic software packages. Users can control color, contrast, grid size, blending, and can also add special touches such as tile masking and image contouring.

Mosaic projects can be exported to Facebook or a private gallery for storage and print purchases.

Images stored in a user’s gallery could be ordered as prints or digital downloads. A custom shopping cart was created to manage orders and order fulfillment.

Canvas prints and standard poster prints are available for ordering anywhere in the world.


  • Concept Ideation,
  • Creative Collaboration,
  • Creative Direction,
  • Custom CMS,
  • Desktop Application,
  • Ecommerce,
  • PHP/MySQL,
  • Product Development,
  • Social API Integration,
  • Technical Direction