Lyft Trade Show Projection

Lyft for Business

A projection solution with easy setup and maximum portability to re-create the Lyft Amp device on a large scale.

In 2019, Lyft introduced a new device for their drivers' vehicles called the Lyft Amp. The device had animated colors behind with Lyft's recognizable logo on the front, and the new LED-style animation on the back. I was tasked with creating a digital version of the amp that could be projected onto large screens to mimic the amp at trade shows.Visitors to the shows were able to have a customized message added by brand ambassadors to the video loop.

I worked with Lyft’s production partner to recreate a large projectable, portable version of this device. The solution was a Unity app that connected to a self-contained socket server that hosted the LAN-based mobile web interface, and relayed messages to the front and back projections of the installation.

In addition to the technical production, I was also tasked with developing a dynamic typography animation system to match the LED style of the Amp device.

Lyft’s new Amp device for drivers adds an additional level of personalization to each ride. The front is the same branded light and logo people know. The back, however, is a new area for messaging, including custom animations for drop off, pick up, and ride complete. Drivers can also add a custom message to greet passengers as the enter the vehicle.

I recreated a full alphabet character set in Sketch from a few samples I was provided with. Each letter was then exported as a PNG and used as a 2D image sprite in Unity.

A self-contained NodeJS server running on one of the projection machines hosted the mobile web interface as well as the socket server for relaying the custom messages to the projection applications running on site.

For ease of setup, the entire Node application was compiled to a self-contained exe file.


  • Design,
  • NodeJS,
  • Socket Servers,
  • Unity Development,
  • Video