Interface Digital


Co-founding a company.

In 2014, after 10 years in the industry, I set out to create a company where I could have more freedom to do unique digital projects, and not be limited by any one company's project needs. Building off of my existing network and partnering with long time collaborator Kevin Bongers, we set out to create our own company.

My role within the company was to focus heavily on business development, account management, and research and development as much as I had time. Coming from a creative background, I was best suited to being brought in early in a project or pitch to help guide the technical strategy.

Kevin and I in our first office in Uptown, Minneapolis. We had a great open space to collaborate and host client meetings, and of course happy hours. And yes, the garage doors opened in the summer.

Our projects always had a tech lead and a producer assigned to them. With two technical founders having complementary skill sets, we could cover a vast array of different projects. Drawing on past experience, there wasn’t much we couldn’t come up with a plan to produce.

Much of my time was spent keeping a library of pitch decks that could be customized at a moment’s notice for whoever had gotten a meeting with. Within all of the decks, however, we focused on our core message of “Ideas First.”

Once clients knew our “why”, we could the dig in to details of of can-do’s and have-done’s.

Our involvement with our clients could be as little as a quick-turn banner project, or traveling for pre-production for a large project.

In the 2.5 years we ran the company, our billings doubled year on year and we had build a strong portfolio. However, having started with no up front funding, we were always playing catch-up financially, which made additional growth extremely difficult.

We ultimately shut down the company at our most successful point, but both grew as technologists and leaders.


  • Business Development,
  • Business Ownership,
  • Creative Direction,
  • Technical Direction