With Deutsch for AB InBev

An engaging way to teach Anheuser-Busch employees all about beer.

AB InBev wanted a unique way to rally their employees around beer and beer culture, beyond the standard corporate training tools that are most common, and usually forgettable. The solution Hoppy. This engaging, gameified learning experience educates ABI employees from around the world on the history, culture, and process of making and enjoying great beer, all while earning Beercoin and competing against their fellow coworkers.

I worked with Deutsch New York to bring Hoppy to life, from the prototype phase all the way through the pilot launch and beyond. I worked closely with Deutsch’s technical, UX, and creative teams, and was an integral shaping and producing the final product.

We determined that the final app would have to allow for both content and games, and be built for both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase. After some technical discovery work, I determined that Unity would be the best platform to deliver our platform-agnostic app while also allowing for a wide array of motion and animation features.

Lessons & Quizzes

Users are served up packs of lessons, grouped in ‘flights’, to learn about different beer-related topics such as ingredients, beer making process, and history. At the end of each lesson, users could take a quiz to earn a badge for that lesson and collect Beercoin.


The app content is powered by a custom CMS that provided all of the content for the lessons, daily challenge, quizzes, and fun facts. Content is stored locally on the device and only re-loaded when a version change is detected. This helps the app to function offline if necessary, as well as speeding up loading and limiting redundant loading.

User Profile

Hoppy users can track their progress in their personalized profile page. They are able to see their Beercoin balance, their lifetime Beercoin earnings, how many Daily Challenges they’ve completed, and how many lesson flights they’ve completed. They can also see the the badges they’ve earned and what’s left, as well as a few secret badges they can earn.

Beercode Scanning

Employees can also earn Beercoin by scanning custom smart codes or “Beercodes” via the Quikkly API. We worked directly with Quikkly do develop a special Unity version of their API wrapper.

Multi-language Support

While the pilot program only required English and Spanish languages, the app is architected to handle any language loaded into it based on the user’s selected locale. CMS content is automatically brings the correct language, and items such as button labels and instructions are populated from special manifest files in the correct language.

Shop Hoppy

For a limited time, employees can use their Beercoin to purchase Hoppy “swag” from an in-app shopping experience. All products are pulled from the language-specific CMS.


  • Creative Collaboration,
  • Custom CMS,
  • Mobile Development,
  • Product Development,
  • Technical Direction,
  • Unity Development