Forever21 Times Square Billboard

With space150 for Forever21

Opening a flagship store at the crossroads of the world.

While working at space150 I helped Forever 21 open their one of their biggest new stores at the crossroads of the world. A massive countdown timer, twitter application, and music visualizer were created welcome the newest Forever 21 store to New York City.

Working on site during the week leading up to the store opening, I worked with the art director on site to refine the build for the massive physical hardware. A music visualizer that connected to the store's sound system was also created as a last-minute add-on to play over the entry way.

The first was a countdown timer featured on the 50-foot billboard to count down to the moment the store opened its doors for the first time. Every time the seconds on the timer got to 21, the large “21” structure on the billboard would flash.

A massive Twitter app also ran, featuring tweets that contained the words “love” and “Forever 21”, while a brand video ran in the background.

An animated music visualizer synced with the store’s music system greeted the visitors as they entered the store, and was also visible from the street.


  • Animation,
  • Creative Collaboration,
  • Flash Development,
  • User Generated Content