Craft Your Perfect Bourbon

With Bajibot for Buffalo Trace

An interactive journey to teach you how to create your perfect bourbon.

Buffalo Trace is one of the oldest distilleries in the United States, and also one of the most progressive. With the skyrocketing interest in craft cocktails, the nation’s supply of bourbon is running low. Buffalo Trace saw a unique opportunity to promote knowledge and interest in their product without adding to the demand.

The Craft Your Perfect Bourbon experience walks visitors through all of the steps in the process of making the world’s finest bourbon through a highly interactive website, available on all devices. I worked closely with a layout developer to craft a framework that allowed for a high level of custom interactivity and animation, while also maintaining responsiveness. I also handled the CDN architecture and server-side generation of user-created recipe images to post to social media. A custom image sequencer was also written to allow the animated video transitions to work on mobile devices prior to iOS inline video support.

Since the launch, over 100,000 bourbon fans have crafted their perfect bourbon. In response, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is releasing a “CYPB” edition of their popular W.L. Weller bourbon in limited edition quantities, starting in Summer 2018.


  • Account Management,
  • Animation,
  • Business Development,
  • project Management,
  • Responsive Web,
  • Server Infrastructure,
  • Social API Integration,
  • Technical Direction,
  • Unity Development,
  • User Generated Content