Clear90™ App by Differin®

With Deutsch for Differin

Differin's app to help keep people on track to heal their acne in 90 days.

With Clear90, Differin has created a one-of-a-kind app where users can track their acne journey to help them achieve clear skin in 90 days. While people with acne may be taking steps to get clear skin, compliance and adhering to a consistent skincare routine can be a challenge. The new app provides a supportive tool that can help consumers reach their acne-free goals by holding them accountable throughout their skincare transformation process.

I was hired once again by Deutsch NY to develop the app interface and help refine the overall usability. I worked closely with Deutsch’s backend tech lead to integrate the custom API and bring the app’s full functionality to life.

The app was built in React Native to allow easy publishing to both iOS and Android, as well as an easily maintainable codebase and lightweight footprint.

The Clear90™ app allows users to track their 90-day journey to clear skin. This free app coaches them through every step of the process with several great features including reminders, tips and alerts, a progress tracker, and the ability to earn rewards.


  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Mobile Development,
  • React Native