Ask Sherlock

With Griffin Archer for The Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Twitter helps you get the answers to your most important questions from the one and only Sherlock Holmes.

To build buzz around the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition in Denver, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Griffin Archer wanted to build a Twitter app that allowed users to @asksherlock their most challenging questions, and get a response from Mr. Holmes himself. My job was to bring this idea to life. The result was an admin-moderated Twitter application that allowed users to ask questions, and get a branded response back. This quick-turnaround project was a fun way to get into the spirit of Sherlock Holmes.

I worked with the creative team to build out the idea beyond a simple text response, and have a dynamically generated, branded image to share. I also created an admin tool to monitor the tweets before they were created as museum-branded replies. Watch out, trolls.


  • Creative Collaboration,
  • PHP/MySQL,
  • Social API Integration,
  • Technical Direction