Alfa Romeo x LA Auto Show

Spinifex Group

A VR Experience for a new car reveal.

Alfa Romeo was debuting their new model, the Guilia at the LA Auto Show in November 2019. Harkening back to their Italian roots, a VR film was created in the spirit of the great renaissance sculptors. The user is taken to a sculptor's shop, where the master sculptor is chipping away at the marble to eventually reveal is new masterpiece—The Guilia.

While this was a quick, simple project, it was great to get to work with the Oculus Quest. Unity was used for the VR video playback, and the Oculus SDK provided easy hooks for auto playing and resetting the headset as users put it on and took it off.

Knowing that the video content would need to be updated from the post production team right up until the show opened, we utilized the Android operating system’s external storage feature and a JSON config file to be able to swap the content at any time without the need for a new app install.


  • Experiential,
  • Oculus Quest,
  • Unity Development,
  • Virtual Reality